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Partner with a

Church Plant


Whether your church is large or small, you can have a kingdom impact by partnering with a church plant!  And as you give yourself away, do not be surprised when your members are inspired to generously do more in their home church and their own community as well. 

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Partnering with churches to plant healthy, multiplying churches

Here are three ways existing churches can partner in church planting: (hover for more info)

Sending Church Partners – In this partnership, the existing pastor and church raises up or adopts the church planter and the subsequent church plant as part of their own congregation, assisting them for approximately five years as they develop from a core team to a self-sustaining multiplying church.  Most Sending Churches in Canada make their own resources available, but also partner with other Send Network related churches & organizations to resource beyond what they can on their own.


Sponsoring Church Partners – This collaboration is characterized by an existing church coming alongside a church plant to pray intentionally, provide resources (one-time or on-going), and/or personnel (short term mission teams or long term church plant team members).  Each church plant needs many supporting church partners!  Regardless of size or demographic, each supporting church brings unique strengths that will assist a church plant gather, launch, and grow to serve their community.  


Prayer Partners – This partnership is as valuable as any other because an existing congregation commits to constantly and intentionally remember a particular church plant and church planting family in their pleas before God.

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