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Matt & Ruth Lahey

It used to be, Matt and Ruth Lahey could drive two hours in any direction and not find a single evangelical church of any kind. But now, your gifts to the CNBC Great Commission Offering are helping them plant a church in a community that’s had no gospel witness for 128 years.

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Planter Story:

No Retirement

Planter Story: No Retirement is an interview with Francisco Aular from Iglesia Bautista Emanuel Calgary in Calgary, AB.

Missionary Profiles


Our Missionary Profiles page allows you to search for church planters and missionaries in any of our provinces and/or Send Cities.



For the Planter

5 Questions to consider before you plant a church


By Garth Leno (Windsor, ON)

I have watched church plants and church planting families fold too soon. We need to pay better attention on the front end before we plant.


Here are five questions to consider before you plant your church.

The Church Planter’s Manual for Engaging Your Neighbour


By Matt Hess (Pickering, ON)

They found a lot of polite ways to say “no” to us over the years. 
Kids’ birthday parties, backyard BBQs and other social interactions with our neighbours were always such a great time. But no matter how close our friendship developed over the years, our friends never quite made it to one of our church services—and it wasn’t due to lack of invitation.

Sound familiar? Discover more!



For the Church

Five Ways to Generate Vision and Passion for Church Planting


By Garth Leno (Windsor, ON)

Garth and his wife are church planters in Windsor, Ontario — directly across the river from Detroit — and their church is part of Send Network.

Garth shares five maxims he has gleaned along the way in his church planting journey.

Three Circles Evangelism Kit


The 3 Circles Evangelism Kit is designed to assist pastors in leading a multi-week evangelism emphasis for their church. The kit includes a trainer guide and a trainee guide for small group discussion, a pack of Living on Mission gospel tracts, a flash drive loaded with an overview for the pastor, sermon resources, videos, and more.

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